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This WordPress website is lovingly dedicated to my wonderful parents, who deeply instilled in me an instinct to “seek first the kingdom of God”, and to the memory of two dear friends: Gary Amirault, who passed from this world on November 3rd, 2018, and his wife, Michelle Amirault, who preceded him in death on July 31st, 2018.

This website would likely have never come to be, were it not for Gary and Michelle’s love. Gary and Michelle tirelessly promoted what they called the “Victorious Gospel”, otherwise known as Christian Universalism or Universal Reconciliation. In short, they proclaimed to the world that “Love Wins”. Tentmaker Ministries ( is just one of their enduring legacies.

Far more importantly, however, Gary and Michelle were both the embodiment of the kind of relentless love that they preached. They were among the warmest, kindest, most hospitable people I have ever known. I believe that anyone who was graced with knowing them personally would say exactly the same thing.

I dedicate this website also to my wife, who showed me a love like I had never imagined possible.

And finally, but by no means least, I dedicate this website to my parents and brother. I am forever grateful for growing up in a family full of love, and full of a desire for the highest Truth. That Truth, although it may have looked slightly different to each of us for but an instant, will soon once more look the same to us all.