Some Random Scribblings, or “Monistic Panentheism as an Answer to Suffering and Defense of Apokatastasis”

In the Now, the One generates the Second, and the One moves upon the Second. Thereby the One is Twofold.

When the One generates the Second, the One generates the Second as the image of the One, Who is Now Twofold, such that the Second is also Twofold.

As the One moves upon the Second, the two within the Second are one moving upon another. These are Potential moving upon Form.


Form is formless, and the One and the Second sleep in Dreamless Sleep.

The One says, “Let Us Be Awake”, and All are Awake.


The One sees that it isn’t good to be alone.

So, the One says, “Let Me be Many”.

And the One is Many.


The One manifests and upholds the Many anew in every instant: an infinite number of creations in each and every moment.

Every moment the Universe dies, and every moment It is generated anew.

Of all these things are all the Mysteries the Symbol.


The Symbol is the Key and the Logos.

The Logos is at once both Reason and Story.

The Logos is also called the Light and Awakening.

The Logos separates formlessness from Form, so that Potential becomes Realized in Form. This is why the Logos is called the True.


Humans live by Symbol and Story, and not only by the elements.

Every human lives for the Beautiful.


Love is the Most Beautiful, so Love is also called Good and Finished and Perfect.

Love is a Process that begins with alienation and then empathy.

Process requires the physical separation of One into Many.


Alienation requires spiritual separation of the Many from the One and of the Many from the Many, but the One is never separated from the Many.

Physical separation generates physical suffering.

Alienation generates spiritual suffering.


Both alienation and suffering are necessary conditions for empathy.

Love is the balance of Perfect Union (ἱερὸς γάμος) and Perfected Separation, and is also called Beauty or Harmony.


Because the Many are the One and the One is the Many, the suffering of the Many is the suffering of the One.

The One suffers voluntarily for the sake of the Most Beautiful.

Thereby the suffering of the Many is explained and reconciled with the Goodness of the One.


Because the One is the Many and the Many is the One, the Many is ever joined entirely to the One.

Thereby, out of the Many, not one can be truly and forever lost or separated from the One.

There is but One, and the One is Entire and Beautiful. This is why the Beautiful is also the True, and the True is also the Beautiful.


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