Very rough, very early outline of upcoming issues in the Argument from Beauty series (personal notes made via a mindmap)

  • Rational analysis allows for indifferent creators, but:
One way is driven by fear, and the other by courage to believe in the beautiful 
  • No beauty without suffering
    • Micro suffering, like working in an office
      • Armchair philosophy or theology vs trench philosophy or theology
    • No empathy without suffering
  • What would Jung say about The Beautiful
    • The whole field of aesthetics
    • What did Plato say about the beautiful
      • Platonic aesthetics
  • Choosing what you believe
    • The ubermensch
    • Scripture as a divine evolutionary rorschach test
      • A lot of scripture and life to support this
    • Haireo heresy
  • The beautiful is also the good, the truth, the life, and Love itself
    • God is: the logos, Agape, a burning fire, what else? Also the many Jewish names for god
      • Fascinating that Bible doesn’t say Jesus is God. Back to the element of personal choice and haireo heresy
      • Burning fire as metaphor or as panentheistic. Cf gnostic gospels with Jesus saying panentheistic things about himself. Also eat my flesh and drink my blood
      • Does the Greek also say love is God?
    • Eternal life is a quality of life that transcends what we think of as life
    • Aletheia is unforgettable because it is beautiful
  • The fundamental problem of philosophy
    • The need for other sources of knowledge (emotion/intuition/BEAUTY)
    • In light of relativism, but distinguished from relativism
  • Mentions of beauty in scripture
  • The opposite of beautiful
    • Beauty wealth success
    • Our cultural obsession with beauty
    • So what is truly unbeautiful?
      • Indifference
        • Beauty is a passion
          • People seek meaning, experience of being alive, or is it all beauty we’re after?
          • Empiricism and rationalism take passion out of knowledge
          • Nihilism.. Removing the beauty from the cosmos
          • Christians take passion out of love
    • Humble
    • Jesus was not physically beautiful
    • Buddha is a shit stick
  • The philology of beauty
    • Whatever is lovely, think on these things
      • Corinthians love verse as meditation on the beautiful
      • How little we meditate on beauty that isn’t skin deep
    • Love as the glue of the universe
      • The unforgivable sin
        • Unforgiveness as unforgivable
          • On the surface, blasphemy seems less grave Than torturing someone to death, for example
          • Forgiveness comes from seeing the good
            • Love doesn’t take evil into account
      • Beauty as the connecting or ordering principle in cosmos
        • Logos as connecting ordering principle
          • When meaning becomes desire in the Buddhist sense
            • Our purpose driven life obsession doesn’t seem biblical
          • Meaning, beauty, suffering as ultimate subjectives
            • Subjective meaning as haireo
              • As many paths to God as there are subjective beings
          • Logos as story or meaning
        • Most beautiful arrangement per heraclitus
    • Idolatry
      • A life purpose
      • Everything Pursuit but perfect love/beauty
        • The beauty in the love of Mary magdelines TWO annointings
          • Jesus wagered his life on his conviction that love conquers death
        • Only those conquer death
        • Only those are separate from egoic construed self
      • Romantic love
      • Beauty you can see eidol
    • Beauty, like love, conquers the good/evil duality
      • God created, then “saw” that it was good
        • Goodness, beauty, completion, perfection, bride,
          • The finished work
            • The ache of the unfinished
              • Longing
              • Gestation
              • Labor pains
    • Eye of the beholder and:
      • beauty and suffering as most objective things there are
    • Biblical theology can go either way, but only one way is beautiful
    • Love is the only thing that makes things beautiful
      • If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to me
      • Sans love, all is grotesque
      • The innocence and purity seen in pets/animals in contrast to humans (think sneebles and phoebe), combined with realization that it is because of love; otherwise, they are grotesque
    • Faith, the substance of..
    Things not seen. The evidence of things hoped for 
    • God is the only thing there is… Thus, the restoration of all back into god
      • The passion of a God who:
        • Weeps because the people were like sheep without a Shephard
          • Pursues beings across eons to rescue them from samsara… Their eons of suffering… Of being alone
            • Death being mercy to beings who have no rest, who ruin their souls, who need a new start.. A new morning/day
              • Like sleep is mercy from the day’s weariness
            • Song of Solomon
          • Expedient/skillfull means. Upaya
          • Hangs naked on a cross asking only for the forgiveness of those who know not what they do (also, beautiful) … Perish lack of knowledge
          • The people perish for lack of knowledge
    • Upside Down
      • Spiritual economics of scarcity
        • Scarcity is manmade
          • Economics of scarcity is perpetuated by the economists of rational self interest
            • Self interest is death
          • Man is not rational
            • The.commodification of reason
            • The repression of depth psychology (yes, irony)
            • The pathologizing of emotion
            • Rational self interest and scarcity are like holding only to classical physics when we’re in the cusp of post quantum physics
          • Man is to blame for spiritual scarcity
          • Nature has scarcity, but man is made to conquer it
      • Twitter follow ratio
    • Finished Work
    • ETTMT (Pragmatic, but:
    By their fruit you will know them) text the spirits.. You know not of what spirit you are 

    EditVery rough, very early outline of upcoming issues in the Argument from Beauty series (personal notes made via a mindmap)ETTMT

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